Fotomat Colour

It's easy to lose yourself in the romance of black and white - in the simplicity, the elegance, the nostalgia. But we mustn't forget the beauty of reality.

See colour through our eyes, with a uniquely Fotomat touch. Enter our Dark Room, illuminated only by a single colour. Strike your best pose, play around with the steps, press the shutter and come out feeling on top of the world. The light hits different in this room and the spotlight is on you.

A film treatment will be applied to your photos so they come out looking like a memory - old-world colour that transcends the passage of time.

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Colour me surprised..

It's time to add colour to fotomat - show us what you can do with colour!

1. Pick a colour
2. Draw, scribble, paint away!
3. Submit your artwork to our virtual gallery
4. Share your artwork on Instagram and tag us @fotomatstudios

The best 5 submissions stand to win a special gift. Your submission may take some time to be approved and shown below. Terms & Conditions apply.

This canvas is best scribbled on desktop or iPads.
Entries close 30 June 2022, 2359 Singapore time.

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